The Public Fund for Children and Teenagers with Down Syndrome "Kun bala" was established in 2015 by three mothers of children with Down syndrome (DS).

Our foundation unites and represents the interests of more than 400 families in Almaty and Almaty region, where children and teenagers with Down syndrome live and are brought up.

The mission of our foundation - To change the lives of children with Down syndrome in Kazakhstan for the better.

The goals and objectives of the foundation:
Reducing the level of social orphanage of children with Down syndrome
Providing psychological and informational assistance to families raising children with Down syndrome
Providing correctional and pedagogical assistance to children with Down syndrome
Organization of projects aimed at vocational training and employment of people with Down syndrome
Promoting social adaptation and integration into society of people with Down syndrome
Promoting the development of inclusive education programs
Development and dissemination of experience in working with people with Down syndrome
Educational activities and raising public awareness about people with Down syndrome
The birth of a child with Down syndrome often comes as a big surprise to parents. What to do? How to live on? Who is to blame? These and other questions arise in almost every family with the birth of a "special baby."
In August 2016, Kun bala Correctional Center was opened. About 150 children visit it every year. The premises of the center were provided by the Akimat of Almaty, the center exists due to sponsorship and contributions from parents. The center provides services:
Kun Bala Correctional Center
Bakery of Opportunities
In February 2023, “Bakery of Opportunities” project was launched, where teenagers with Down syndrome can learn how to bake bakery products and cook hot dishes. The learning process is conducted under the guidance of an experienced baker technologist.
We have recorded more than 50 videos in which our specialists reveal the necessary and important topics related to the lives of children with Down syndrome. Among them are legal aspects, social benefits, the development of children from an early age, the development of thinking and speech
Online project "Living with a child with Down syndrome"
Our foundation actively cooperates with universities in the city and provides an opportunity for future social, correctional teachers, physical education teachers and physical therapy instructors to undergo an educational internship at our correctional center and bakery.
Cooperation with universities of the city
Very often, parents who have recently had a child with Down syndrome have many questions about the child's health, further rehabilitation, disability registration, etc. In this section, we have tried to collect as much information as possible regarding this diagnosis.
Babies with Down syndrome have medical problems more often than ordinary children. Of course, it should not be assumed that every child with Down syndrome necessarily has all the medical problems listed in this section. It's just that parents need to know about them in order to keep the baby's health under control and, if necessary, take appropriate measures in time.

In many cases, babies with Down syndrome are born one to two weeks early. They are more likely than ordinary children to have congenital heart or digestive system defects, sometimes requiring surgery, as well as decreased hearing, vision and thyroid function.
As already mentioned, children with Down syndrome are more susceptible to certain diseases than ordinary babies, so it is important for parents to keep in touch with a pediatrician and other medical specialists for timely examination of the child and his treatment, if necessary.
Many of the medical examinations listed here are performed by all babies, but for a child with Down syndrome, they are all necessary.
We provide a table that will help you organize the necessary medical examinations of your baby in time.
I would like to draw the attention of parents to some important points of growth and development of a child with Down syndrome. Some features and problems can go unnoticed for a long time and have a negative impact on the development of the baby. Knowing about such "weak points", parents can keep them under control and seek help from specialists in a timely manner.
Of course, not everything listed below is necessarily characteristic of every child with Down syndrome. But the occurrence of such problems is possible, you need to be prepared for it.
The basis for registration of disability is a karyotype analysis and the conclusion of a geneticist. In Kazakhstan, disability for children with Down syndrome is issued immediately after receiving these documents (you do not need to wait 4 months after diagnosis). Disability is given for a period of up to 7 years, at 7 years a group is assigned and disability is extended to 18 years.
Child's health
Registration of disability
Possible health problems
Necessary medical examinations
Down syndrome. What's it?
Down syndrome is a genetic anomaly, an accidental malfunction in the well–functioning process of cell division. A person with Down syndrome has an additional, third chromosome in the 21st pair of chromosomes, and thus, as a result, there are already 47 of them, and not 46 as in an ordinary person.
Our foundation exists and conducts its activities exclusively through sponsorship, donor assistance, grants and charitable contributions. If you want to help the foundation and contribute to the development and implementation of our goals and programs, you can:
1. Make a bank transfer to our personal account.
Details of the fund:
OF assistance to children and adolescents with Down syndrome
"Kun bala"
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