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The birth of a child with Down syndrome often comes as a big surprise to parents. What to do? How to live on? Who is to blame? These and other questions arise in almost every family with the birth of a "special baby." It happens that, being in great confusion and shock, the parents leave the baby in the hospital, abandon him. We want to help such families and make the right decision. To do this, our foundation provides crisis psychological assistance to parents of newborns with Down syndrome, provides special literature informing about the peculiarities of upbringing, child development, contacts of currently existing centers for correctional and pedagogical support for children, benefits and benefits relying on legislation, search for narrow-profile specialists, etc. On the basis of the correctional center, we conduct consultations for parents with the whole of Kazakhstan.
«Kun bala» сorrectional сenter
In August 2016, Kun bala Correctional Center was opened. About 150 children visit it every year. The premises of the center were provided by the Akimat of Almaty, the center exists due to sponsorship and contributions from parents.
The center provides services:
- Group classes on early correction for kids
- MPE (medical physical education) and APE (adaptive physical education)
- Individual and group classes with a speech pathologist in Russian and Kazakh
- Preparation for school
- Neurocorrection classes
- Group lessons for teenagers with a psychologist
- Group classes for schoolchildren
Bakery of Opportunities
In February 2023, “Bakery of Opportunities” project was launched, where teenagers with Down syndrome can learn how to bake bakery products and cook hot dishes. The learning process is conducted under the guidance of an experienced baker technologist.
The aim of the project is to teach teenagers how to cook on their own, master social and household skills and, possibly, find a profession and find a job.
Currently, the project covers 20 teenagers from 15 to 28 years old.
Online project "Living with a child with Down syndrome"
We have recorded more than 50 videos in which our specialists reveal the necessary and important topics related to the lives of children with Down syndrome. Among them are legal aspects, social benefits, the development of children from an early age, the development of thinking and speech, the peculiarities of adolescence and much more. All videos are uploaded on our social media pages.
Our foundation actively cooperates with universities in the city and provides an opportunity for future social, correctional teachers, physical education teachers and physical therapy instructors to undergo an educational internship at our correctional center and bakery. The foundation also conducts lectures for students of pedagogical and medical universities on the topic "Characteristics of people with Down syndrome", where we share information that will help students in their profession in the future.
Cooperation with universities of the city
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